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Shelving Units
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Shelving Units

Our Work

We have worked with many local and national business and have been supplying our versatile shelving units to individuals, small businesses, takeaways, dessert shops, bed factories and even engineering companies.

Luke, Bradford

Luke needed a shelving unit that fit in his room. We advised him to go for the Medium One which worked out so perfectly for him. The items that Luke wanted to put on the shelves were of different heights. Some were really tall. To tackle this Luke arranged the shelves to his liking. As you can see the second shelf from the bottom is much further to the third one.  

How snug do Luke’s shelving unit look!

I Need Shelving’s UK Warehouse

Welcome to I Need Shelving, the premier destination for high-quality shelving solutions based in West Yorkshire, UK. We have a distribution centre based ...


All our shelving units come flat packed so you can store them on the side easily while you are clearing out your space.

175KG per shelf

Ample storage space with each shelf holding 175kg. Our 5 Tier Shelving units hold a total of 875kg per unit.